Posted by: cvancil | February 15, 2010

Possibilities: Orchard Hill Farm B&B

With Valentine’s Day having just past, it makes me think of all the places I would love to go with my sweet hubby.  The places we can’t travel to just yet, but we’ll get there someday.  Orchard Hill Farm Bed and Breakfast in Paso Robles is one of those places.

From Orchard Hill B&B’s homepage:

As our guest, your private getaway and restful experience is assured. If a lively celebration or wedding is what you have in mind, the entire guesthouse can be reserved for family and friends. Our personalized service and attention to details are combined with those extra special touches you would expect to find at a luxury hotel. Whatever the occasion, Orchard Hill Farm will furnish the setting. And you’ll come away with unforgettable memories.

Deborah says, “The clouds seem so close, you feel as if you could “sit on them.” Treat yourself to an early sunrise, a lingering dusk leading to a moonlit night …the stunning beauty of the Central Coast.

Simply stated, Orchard Hill Farm Carriage House Bed and Breakfast is one of the most enchanting places that you’ll ever have the pleasure to experience.

If you are like me, a budgeted traveler, then this is a place you’ll have to save up for, but I promise it will be worth every penny you spend!  Rooms range from $230 to $285 per night, depending on the day of the week and the room itself.  Breakfast is served, featuring fresh and local fare.  You simply can’t go wrong!

Click here for a list of the current specials.  I hope you can make the time and the budget for a vacation that you deserve!

Photo courtesy of Orchard Hill Bed and Breakfast.


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