Posted by: cvancil | January 1, 2010

Bird Watching in Morro Bay

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Bring your binoculars — Morro Bay is a haven for bird-lovers. It’s an important stopping point along migration routes (it’s a Globally Important Bird Area on the Pacific Flyway, which stretches from Alaska to South America) and the diversity of the landscape attracts more than 200 species – making it one of the Audubon Society’s top birding spots nationwide.

Morro Rock is a protected nesting ground for peregrine falcons, which were once on the verge of extinction. A rookery of great blue herons can be found near the Morro Bay Natural History Museum. The estuary attracts the snowy egret and all manners of other waterfowl, shorebirds and birds of prey.

Many of the free walks through Adventures with Nature (805-772-26940) feature the birds of Morro Bay, with the chance to learn more and get out and observe the birds with a guide. Plus, the active Morro Coast Audubon Society (805-772-1991) offers free monthly field trips, programs and periodic other events. The society’s Web site also contains a wealth of information on birding in the area.

Here’s where to go to get the best glimpse of Morro’s birds. Checklists are available at the Morro Bay Natural History Museum in Morro Bay State Park. The Central Coast Birding Trail Web site provides highlights, seasons and best viewing times for each area.



  1. Great information. I’ll check out some of the recommended sites.

  2. Great information.

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