Posted by: cvancil | December 25, 2009

Eight Tips for Holiday Budget Travel

Thanks to Mark Kahler for these great tips (click on the link for tips six through eight)!

Avoid the peak travel days.
Thanksgiving Day in the United States is usually a lonely time to fly. Sometimes flights are canceled because there are too few takers.  By contrast, the day before Thanksgiving is among the busiest days of the year.

Train stations are less crowded than airports.
If you really want to bypass the North American airport bustle, why not take the train? You’ll save a lot of money for gifts and grocery bills, too.

Observe the speed limit.

It’s simple, preachy advice. Many will tune it out.  But as the year closes, many police departments step up highway patrols. They’re watching for fools who drive drunk. While they’re there, they’ll flash the radar gun, too. It’s justified. Speed kills, and some of the year’s bloodiest accidents occur between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Don’t pack gift packages

This mainly applies to air travelers, but it’s not bad advice for everyone. Make use of the postal service and the overnight delivery companies.  Security guidelines no longer permit wrapped packages in luggage.

Package a sensible budget for travel.
Many otherwise frugal travelers throw away all their skills at this time of year. For example, they insist on booking dates that are high-volume.  It’s wise to sit down and find a middle-ground. A budget that’s too stringent and time-specific can spoil the fun.


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