Posted by: cvancil | August 26, 2009

Possiblities: Crepes de Provence

“Classic French dishes with some flavors inspired by the Mediterranean served at a casual downtown eatery in San Luis Obispo with ample outdoor seating.”

Hubby and I moved to Glendale, CA in February and since then we have frequented a crepe cafe at a local upscale mall for lunch about once a week.  It is one of our many weaknesses when it comes to the type of comfort foods that can also be healthy, though dessert crepes can be deadly.  Just the thought of nutella and strawberries rolled up in a freshly baked crepe makes my mouth water!

In San Luis Obispo, Crepes de Provence is getting some serious buzz around the town because the crepes are so amazing and according to one reviewer, reminiscent of the crepes one could feast upon in Paris.  Unfortunately I could not find a website for this delectable sounding restaurant (if you find it, please let me know) but I can guarantee you that hubby and I will check this place out with empty bellies and open minds next time we are in town!

1074 Higuera St
San Luis Obispo, CA, 93403
(805) 593-0106
Above quote courtesy of The San Luis Obispo Tribune.

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