Posted by: cvancil | August 5, 2009

Spotlight: Wine Tasting at Fermentations

Our tasting at Fermentations.

Our tasting at Fermentations.

The Friday morning of our trip last month, our friends took off for Hearst Castle which left Hubby and I free to roam the charming East and West Villages of Cambria, easily our favorite town in the Central Coast.  We really took our time, getting lots of good pictures and I snapped a few signs of restaurants we still hadn’t tried (mostly because we’re dedicated to our favorites).  Around 11am, we were lulling about the East Village when we noticed a sign for wine tasting at Fermentations, a local wine shop full of lovely, regional wines.  Only $5 per person?  Sold!

What I loved about Fermentations is the feeling I got when I walked through the door.  One of the reasons we generally taste at wineries rather than wine stores is because of the personal stories and touches at the winery.  Generally the owner or wine-maker will pour, rather than some tween who doesn’t know Merlot from Chardonnay, but I digress.  The woman who helped us was very approachable and helped us make excellent decisions on what to taste.  You see, the other great thing about Fermentations is that you can pick any five wines to taste out of their list of about 20.  How fun!  So we tasted, we noshed, and had a wonderful start into our afternoon.  One that came recommended (and I feel bad, I can’t remember her name) was a lovely summer-esque Grenache.  Most reds are very heavy for these hot, summer months, but this one was light and airy, perfect for a backyard barbecue.  We couldn’t resist buying a bottle.  They also have great options for wine clubs – white only, red only, or a mix of both.  The prices weren’t bad, and we even got to keep our tasting glass.

“Travel, adventure, intimate dinner parties and gatherings – these are all common bonds of those of us who enjoy the Fermentations lifestyle. At Fermentations we are constantly discovering wonderful new gourmet foods, wines, unique gifts for friends and business clients, and accessories for entertaining in the wine country lifestyle. Sharing the experience with you is one of life’s great pleasures.”

If you’re in Cambria, or just passing through, I highly recommend that you give this wine shop a try.  Full of interesting wine accessories that will enhance any meal, great tasting options, and a charming setting, Fermentations is a must for any wine lover!

Summer hours: 10am-10pm daily

Winter hours:  10am-1opm Friday through Sunday, 11am-7pm Monday through Thursday

toll free phone (800) 446.7505

4056 Burton Drive

Cambria, CA  93428

(Text courtesy of Fermentations’ website.)


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