Posted by: cvancil | July 8, 2009

Central Coast Renaissance Festival

Be sure to check it out July 18-19, 2009!  Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for seniors and children ages 6-15 (those under six are free), a two-day pass is $25, and they also offer a $2 discount for service men and women (ID required).

The following text and images are courtesy of the Central Coast Renaissance Festival:

Step into the year 1585 when Queen Elizabeth I was England’s magnificent monarch. This is the age of legendary characters like William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake and a host of famous Dukes, rogues and scoundrels whom you’ll see about the village. Remember to remove your hat as Her Majesty parades though the streets of Donneybrooke with her stunning Royal Court, accompanied by her handsome foot soldiers and hand maidens.

Attend the Royal Joust. This isn’t make believe – it’s the real thing! This isn’t something you see every day – men in full armor atop huge war steeds, charging at each other with lance in hand. Watch as they test their skills at various authentic contest games, ending with real combat. Get there early and prepare to cheer for “your” Knight! These are internationally recognized professional jousters.

Relax on a shady haybale and watch riotous stage plays and hilarious comedy acts on multiple stages throughout the village. See authentic Elizabethan dancing. Enjoy the lilting voices of the The Lacey Ravens, an acapella group. There is a hilarious parrot show, juggling acts and buffonery, as well as demonstrations of military skills, woodworking, leatherworks and much more.

Refresh yourself with the Queen’s finest ales, beer and wine imported from the new world. There is also delicious freshly squeezed lemonade, waters and even Hawaiian Shave Ice (OK, we admit that one isn’t period, but it sure is refreshing on a warm day). There is also a rare chance to taste authentic, hand-made honey mead.

The Lacey Ravens, at right, are our resident songbirds.

Treat your tastebuds to a bounty of delicious foods such as meaty beef ribs, roasted chicken and steak sandwiches, bangers and sausages, Dragon On a Stake, exotic foods from the Orient, funnel cakes, salads, baked potatoes, German potato pancakes, schnitzel, ice cream and much more. Of course there are those famous gigantic fire roasted turkey legs that people love to wave about. The enticing smell of freshly cooked food wafting through the village is sure to stimulate your appetite. After your meal, enjoy a cone or cup of the creamiest, most delicious ice cream (another non-period food, but what the heck!)

Watch peasants, soldiers, merchants and royalty strolling about the village while you are enjoying your feast. They, too, are enjoying this summer marketplace just as you are. Don’t be surprised when they greet you in the Queen’s tongue – just say “Good Day” in return. You’ll find youself slipping into Elizabethan in no time.

You’ll be delighted by over 70 of the finest craftsmen selling the most unique crafts and goods you’ve ever seen. From hand thrown pottery to drinking vessels, there is something for every taste and budget. Gentlemen always enjoy shopping from the sword merchants, while ladies can’t resist the array of fine clothing and jewelry. You can even have your hair braided into the most beautiful designs and get a henna tattoo.

Join the fantasy by purchasing Renaissance clothing. From hats, shirts, bodices and breeches to handmade boots and shoes, you’ll find everything needed to become an Elizabethan at any level from peasant to royalty. Of course, costumes are not required of our guests and you are welcome to dress as comfortably as you wish.

There is something for all ages. Your youngsters will enjoy face painting, pony rides, a petting zoo and games just for them. They’ll delight in wooden toys and can even try their hand at fencing and archery. Storytellers wander the village, and kids always enjoy the juggling shows. Of couse, everyone loves the Royal Joust!


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