Posted by: cvancil | June 1, 2009

Possibilities: Cafe Vostro

In Grover Beach, a small beach town in SLO County, there’s a new place percolating and creating some buzz:  Cafe Vostro.   Owner Ken Voss opened doors to this small cafe (meaning “your cafe” in Italian) not long ago after a few decades in the financial sector.  Having now returned to his original idea for a career, Cafe Vostro is in full swing.  Open for breakfast and lunch most days (except for Mondays), and serving dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, Owner Ken and his wife Diana are considering serving dinner on Thursdays as well because it’s that good.  Nearly everything is fresh, and all meals are cooked to order.  Salads, sandwiches, regular pancakes and potato pancakes, your hungry belly and tired taste-buds will certainly be satisfied (especially since breakfast is served all day).

From the San Luis Obispo Tribune“What I wanted to do was offer a variety of flavors and tastes,” he said, “European, American, Cajun, Mexican. …” As a result, the menu offers both traditional takes on dishes and some unusual flavor twists. You can order classic pancakes or sweet potato pancakes, an Italian frittata with imported prosciutto di parma and fresh basil or a “Frita” — a Spanish-inspired frittata with chorizo and potatoes.

Other fun interpretations include a “PLT” sandwich made with pancetta (an Italian bacon), lettuce and tomato; and the half-pound Certified Angus Beef “Vostro Burger” on a toasted telera roll (a Mexican-style bread akin to a French roll, typically used for tortas). Most of the sandwiches come with your choice of bread, such as panini, pita or croissant, but the telera is a great choice for the grilled salmon “Poseidon,” the roast pork and ham “El Cubano” or “The Guadalupe” with grilled chicken, jack cheese, avocado and chipotle mayonnaise.”

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a website for this charming restaurant, but from a few review-based websites, the prices don’t seem to go above $15 per entree.  I’d say that in this economy, that’s pretty darn good for eating out, especially if you just split a plate rather than getting one for each person.

Hubby and I are heading up to the Cambria area in July, but I think we’re going to have to make a stop at Cafe Vostro.  The potato pancakes and grilled salmon sandwich are enough to make my mouth water!

Cafe Vostro
228 W. Grand Ave.
Grover Beach, CA  93433
(805) 904-6500


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