Posted by: cvancil | April 8, 2009

At Home in the Garden

Last week at swimming, a friend of mine and I discussed how much we’d love to have a garden. Gardens, whether you have a plot of land to start your own or share a plot in a community garden, are a great way to save money on vegetables and fruits, depending on where you live. You don’t have to grow food if you don’t want to. Flowers, herbs, even rock gardens are a source of peace and tranquility for the spirit.

During the first two weeks of May (May 3-16) the San Luis Botanical Garden is hosting a variety of activities along with daily docent led tours of the Oak Glen Pavilion, educational and informative presentations, kids activities, and more. Cost is $10 per person for non-members, and $8 for members. Here are a few highlights of the upcoming events:

May 9: ‘Mediterranean Influence’ – Montana de Oro District Garden Club Flower Show at 1pm. Membership drive, plant sales, and kids’ activities.

May 10: Sustainable Landscaping – A visionary look at the future of Gardens at 3pm. Guest: Owen Dell, author of Sustainable Gardening for Dummies.

May 14: Chumash Ethnobotany: Life before Box Stores. A comparison between the plants the Chumash used and the things we used today for the same purpose. 7pm. Guest: Jan Timbrook, PhD, curator of Ethnography at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and author of Chumash Ethnobotany – Plant Knowledge Among the Chumash People of Southern California.

Sustainable demonstration gardens by top local designers May 3 – 16.

There are more activities so be sure to check out the link above to see what else is happening!

My mom always enjoyed visiting local gardens, botanical or otherwise. I can’t think of a better way to honor her memory and learn about how to sustain a little part of nature for myself and my community.

Picture and activity descriptions courtesy of the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden.


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