Posted by: cvancil | April 5, 2009

Wine: Pinot for every budget.

There is a great article from the San Luis Obispo Tribune’s weekly newsletter, “Weekly Wine Crush”, about local Pinot’s in the region and which ones are good buys, whether you can afford $15 or $70 a bottle.  What’s really fun about wine tasting over and over again is that you will eventually get to the point where you may not want to pay for a tasting, you just walk in and buy what you need, saving yourself $5 to $10 per winery!

But I digress.  Here’s some great suggestions from Laurie Daniel at the SLO Tribune.  You can read the full article here.

Plenty of local wines were on display at the recent World of Pinot Noir. The majority were from the Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande Valley, areas that may not have quite the broad recognition of Santa Barbara County or the Russian River Valley but have still developed a reputation for their excellent pinots. A smattering were from other parts of the county, including spots that are outside any recognized appellation.

  • For $50, try the Stephen Ross 2006 Aubaine Pinot Noir or the $40 variety from the same year at Sinor LaVallee.  Both are from the Aubaine Vineyard. which is about 5 miles off the coast in SLO.
  • Stephen Ross offers a few more Pinot Noir variety’s.  For $50 you can enjoy 2007 Stephen Ross Stone Corral Vineyard Pinot Noir, or for $30 the 2007 Stephen Ross Edna Valley Pinot Noir is all yours.  Still too expensive?  The 2007 Stephen Ross Central Coast Pinot Noir is just $24. 
  • Laetitia Winery offers some heavy contenders in the Pinot region.  If you’re feeling adventurous and can afford it, their 2006 reserve bottle comes highly reccomended for $40.  Too much?  That’s ok.  For $24, the Estate Pinot Noir is an excellent choice too. 
  • Feel like exploring?  In Edna Valley, you can find Pinots at the following wineries for under $35:  Claiborne & Churchill Edna Valley Pinot ($26), Kynsi Edna Valley ($32), and Edna Valley Vineyard ($18).

Naturally all of these wines will taste different in wonderful ways and offer each person something new and exciting to taste.  Any of these wines would be an excellent compliment to any meal, or to just sip as you watch the sunset and relax the day away. 

SLO Note:  Trader Joe’s also offers some of these wines at less expensive prices.  One of my favorite challenges is to send the man and I off to find 2 wines (one for him and one for me) for under $5 a piece!


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