Posted by: cvancil | April 1, 2009

Get Cookin’

In honor of a dear friend who loves food as much as I do (and her husband is one of the best grill-masters I know), I thought it would be appropriate to spread the word about a great event in San Luis Obispo next month – the 24th Annual Rib Cook-off at Farmers’ Market on April 23. Grills will be fired up at 6pm and judging will start at 8pm. (Note – City ordinances prohibit dogs attending the farmers’ market. Please leave them at home.)

A word about the farmers’ market…held on Thursday nights the Farmers’ Market is held on Higuera Street in downtown San Luis Obispo, between Osos and Nipomo Streets. (Keep an eye out for special events on Garden Street too.) Enjoy the local produce — from veggies and fruit to beautiful fresh cut flowers. Lively entertainment entertains locals and visitors alike as they devour ribs, enjoy a fresh sandwich, and browse the local shops that are open late.

I can’t wait to check out their local farmers’ market, cook-off or not.  What a great, cheap way to check out the local community and sample tasty goodies!



  1. This sounds like soooooo much fun! Are you going? I might be interested!

  2. I have an idea/request for future post. Would you consider publishing information on camping options in and around SLO for those of us who are interested in exploring the sites but can’t quite afford the B&B lifestyle at the moment? Dog friendly campgrounds/cabins are a plus! Thanks!

  3. Hi Cindy! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I would love to go! I’m going to SLO the following week but if we make a day trip out of it and pack a picnic for lunch, I think we could make it work. Let’s talk!

    I found a great campsite for you, and I’ll post about it next week! It makes me want to get camping gear for our little family!

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