Posted by: cvancil | March 4, 2009

The perfect Anniversary trip – part 2

Guess what happened in the morning? Breakfast served to our room courtesy of our lovely inn. What a nice way to start the day!

After a short walk outside, we spent the better part of the morning antiquing in Cambria’s various shops. They have so much to offer, and we loved looking at all the little treasures. We found several Christmas presents, including a set of depression-era wine glasses for my mother-in-law. I love Main Street in Cambria. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore, and the entire setting helps relax away the tension that comes from living in the chaos that is Los Angeles.

Next up was something we were definitely excited for – lunch at the Indigo Moon Cafe – a shop filled with all sorts of various cheeses, a few meats, and day-old ciabatta bread, all 3 make for a perfect picnic in wine country, and that’s normally what we do. This time, we decided to lunch in the restaurant with our gift certificate from the White Water Inn. Their sandwiches were just as good as their deli selections, if not better. Our eyes literally rolled back in our heads because the food was that good, I’m not kidding! I’m tempted next time to just get a few sandwiches to go on our next picnic. Some friends headed up there a few weeks ago and said they had the best sandwich of their lives at Indigo Moon – warm brie, granny smith apples, and chicken. I have to try that sandwich next time I’m in town, and I hope you do too.

After a lovely nap back at the Inn, we drove over to the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and took a beautiful hike along the cliffs just as the sun was setting. What a magical place. Hills on one side, the ocean on another, and the sun created this magical setting. We saw a fantastic amount of wildlife (mostly squirrels and birds), and there were also some beautiful benches made out of driftwood. I know that if we had a home on the coast, it would be a requirement to have one of those benches in our yard. We didn’t make it to the end of the trail as it was starting to get dark, but we couldn’t wait to come back during our next trip to Cambria.
After the hike, Matt convinced me to check out the cemetary grounds above town. Now this is not how I normally like to spend my time, but I must say that the more historical the cemetary is, the more I “enjoy” myself. How can anyone really enjoy themselves at a graveyard? But I digress, it was a beautiful spot. No ground cover, i.e. no grass, and there were spooky flowers and creepy windchimes all over the place. There was even a little gazeebo type structure that had stained glass windows in it. For a burial site, this was one of the most beautiful I’d ever seen.
Then we headed into town for dinner at The Sow’s Ear. If you enjoy excellent food in a cozy atmosphere with an extensive wine list and tempting desserts, then The Sow’s Ear is a must. Everything is delectable! I have gotten the chicken and dumplings twice now, and I think next time I’m going to have to get one of their amazing steaks. Matt had a chicken breast stuffed with peppers, goat cheese, and kalamata olives. Most restaurants give you bread before your meal, and so do they, but in a delightful flower pot that keeps it warm and moist. This place always makes us happy. It seems that the other patrons in the restaurant, too, take on and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the staff’s enthusiasm and attention to detail, and the decor (pictures/statues of cows decorate the restaurant).

More to come on Friday…

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