Posted by: cvancil | March 2, 2009

The perfect Anniversary Trip – part 1

Matt and I thought long and hard about where to go for our 7th wedding annivesary. Did we want to save money and just go out to dinner? Or did we want to take a mini-vacation and go to our favorite area in California? Obviously we went for the second option, and we were so glad that we did! (Photos courtesy of Cambria Chamber of Commerce.)

The first thing we needed to do was find a place to stay, and in which city. One of our favorite places to visit is a small town called Cambria. It’s about an hour north of San Luis Obispo and an hour south of Hearst Castle. Going there is definitely worth the extra travel time in the car. It is full of small-town charm with lovely B&B’s and hotels, a beautiful beach and wine country is not that far away. It was with no hesitation that I started researching a place to stay in Cambria. I was actually quite excited! (Photos courtesy of Cambria Chamber of Commerce.)

We had only stayed in Cambria once before when I kidnapped Matt a few years ago. We stayed at a hotel on Moonstone Beach Drive, which is lined up with various places to rest your head. Charming inexpensive motels, luxurious expansive hotels, and the moderately-priced charming and expansive places. There’s something for every price range on Moonstone Beach Drive. After some extensive research online, I found The White Water Inn. They have a fabulous mid-week special! For just $125 a night, you get a wonderful cozy room and a delicious continental breakfast delivered each morning. Think that’s enough? No, it’s not! They also give you two complimentary gift certificates! One for dinner (choice of 3 restaurants) and one for lunch (choice of another 3 restaurants). The deal could just not get any better, and the extra bonus was that 2 of the restaurants listed were our favorites in town! (Photo courtesy of The White Water Inn.)

After checking in, we went for a beautiful walk on the path along and on Moonstone Beach. My favorite time to walk along this particular path is sunrise or sunset. The sun glistens beautifully on the water and occasionally a squirrel will beg for food.

(Photo courtesy of me.)

For dinner, we tried a new place. Well, a new place for us, not for Cambria. We dined at Linn’s, a fabulous place that filled our hungry bellies with fresh and local fare. The wine list is extensive, and so is their dessert menu (Matt had pie and I got the delicious bread pudding). They have a fruit store behind the restaurant and a farm store about 5 miles up the road so that you can indulge in Olallieberry Jam, canned fruits, high end pastas, and other tasty goodies. After dinner we headed back to Moonstone Beach and went for a lovely walk at sunset.



  1. Pretty! What great pics. Your new career path looks lovely 🙂

  2. Looking good! You’re going to have sponsorships and a readership in no time!

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