Posted by: cvancil | September 29, 2008


Thanks for stopping by! This is a blog to celebrate all things SLO, near and somewhat far. Hubby and I go visit our favorite spots in the North Central Califorina Coast whenever we can. Occasionally I will post information on Santa Barbara’s wine country as it’s on the way, and no one I know can resist Solvang.

Next month as hubby and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, we are off to Cambria, a lovlely little town about an hour north of SLO. It’s one of our favorite spots as it has our 3 required W’s: Woods, Water, and Wine. 🙂 Activties we plan on are as follows:

1) Going to one of our favorite restaurants in town, The Sow’s Ear. The hotel we are staying at is having a special, and one of them includes a $50 gift certificate to this very place! We can’t wait.

2) Buying yummies for our picnic at Indigo Moon, our favorite spot to pick up delicious cheeses, meats, and breads. The selection is huge, and the service is fantabulous.

3) Staying here and getting breakfast served in our room! In addition, we’re right across the road from Moonstone Beach, which is just beautiful. And maybe we’ll find one of those rare moonstones this time.

Our goal this trip is to do a little wine tasting but mostly discover more about what our favorite area has to offer in terms of recreation. We can’t wait.

And of course, we’ll stop by our favorite winery and probably pick up a few bottles. 🙂


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